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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is ParkTunes?
ParkTunes.com is devoted to sharing information about songs and music loops found within Disney theme parks, resorts, and other attractions worldwide.

How do I find a song/attraction/artist/album/theme park?
The easiest way to find anything on ParkTunes is to use the search feature in the upper-right side of every page. Simply type in what you're looking for and we'll find the closest matches. Partial words work as well. For example, if you're looking for music from Tomorrowland, you could just type "tomorrow" into the search box and it will not only pull up every instance of Tomorrowland from Disney theme parks around the world, but also any songs, albums, artists, or attractions that include the word "tomorrow" in their names.

Beyond the search, you can browse through Disney theme parks via the red navigation area on the left side of every page. Selecting a resort will expand out into its theme parks, which will then expand out into their various sections/lands, and so on.

Finally, you can use the browse features located above the search box, which let you surf through all available artists and albums that have songs featured in Disney theme parks and resorts.

Why is this song not the same version as in the parks?
Many songs found within Disney's theme parks and resorts have been edited in some way or another. They could be longer, shorter, or re-recorded from the versions listed here. The goal of ParkTunes is to use Disney's music selection as a guide to find great music. After all, Disney wouldn't be using the songs in their parks and resorts if the music wasn't worth listening to! So if you're only interested in finding the EXACT version of a song that's found within a Disney theme park or resort, this may not be the site for you. If you're interested in finding artist, album, and song information about music found within those parks and resorts, and ultimately want to purchase the full version of the song, then you've come to the right place.

How do I download songs?
Songs must be purchased in order to be downloaded. The songs that are available for download will be marked as such with links to the Amazon.com MP3 store and/or the iTunes Music Store. You may also listen to FREE 30-second samples of all songs that can be purchased.

Why can't I buy some songs?
Unfortunately, not all songs found within Disney theme parks and resorts are made available for purchase or download. Out of the thousands of songs listed on ParkTunes, some have only limited information available and cannot be sampled or downloaded. Only songs that are available for purchase on the Amazon.com MP3 store and/or the iTunes Music Store have download links. If you find any songs on ParkTunes that you know is available for purchase but is not listed as such here, please contact us and let us know about it.

What format are the songs in?
Songs purchased via the Amazon.com MP3 store are available in DRM-free 256kbit MP3 format. Songs purchased via the iTunes Music Store are available either in the Apple-protected AAC or unprotected DRM-free MP3 format, depending on iTunes' availability. ParkTunes recommends purchasing all songs on Amazon if possible, as their unprotected MP3 files allow for complete control over the files.

Will the songs play on my iPod/computer/iPhone/other music player?
That depends on what type of song you purchase. If you buy a song from the Amazon.com MP3 store, it will work on an iPod, iPhone, or any other portable music player capable of playing back MP3 files. It will also play back on an unlimited number of computers via any MP3 player software, including iTunes. If you buy a song from iTunes in the Apple-protected AAC format, it will only play on iTunes authorized computers, an iPod, or iPhone. If you buy an unprotected song on iTunes, it will act the same as an unprotected song from Amazon, playing on every MP3-compatible device.

Why can't I hear the song samples on my computer?
To listen to song samples on ParkTunes, you must have Apple's free Quicktime software installed. We require Quicktime as many of the samples featured on this site come from the iTunes Music Store, which uses an audio format that only works in Quicktime.

What is DRM?
DRM stands for Digital Rights Management. It is basically copy protection, attempting to prevent people from stealing or freely sharing music. Apple's version of DRM prevents their protected AAC audio files from being played on any portable music player other than iPods and iPhones or on any computer not authorized in iTunes. Avoid DRM if you can.

Is this legal?
ABSOLUTELY! Every song that can be downloaded via ParkTunes is legally available on the Amazon.com MP3 store and/or the iTunes Music Store. These songs are made available through these services by the those who own the rights to the songs. ParkTunes does NOT provide any direct or free downloads.

Have a question that wasn't answered here?
Simply contact us and we'll get back to you with and answer... and we may even add it to this list.


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